Canine Etiquette, LLC

Keeping Dogs & Families Together!

"A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog!"

As an owner myself of 7 dogs, I know how important it is to have dogs that listen to you and are well behaved. My own "Baby Grace" sent me to become a trainer in 2003 when she was totally out of control at the age of one year. I couldn't find anyone local to explain to me why she was acting how she was acting. I wanted to understand what was "her" problem and why didn't she listen to me! Thanks to Baby Grace, Canine Etiquette, LLC was founded and now I'm helping other dog owners understand their dog and get the well behaved family member everyone dreams of owning! I am a Professional certified trainer certified through a 3 year program with Animal Behavior College. I use positive reinforcement measures with my training so the dog and owner both win. I have extensive experience working with families, local rescues and rehabilitating dogs to live in the human home addressing all problems you may encounter. YES you do have to spend time and work with your dog but the life long bond you will earn is priceless!  There is no stupid question! Seeing many dogs turned over to kill shelters due to no fault of their own has developed my passion to "keep dogs & families together" through training. If a dog is out of control it is begging for help from you NOT asking to be turned over to a kill shelter. Your dog would never give up on you -- please don't give up on your dog! If you are here you are considering training. Why wait? The problems won't fix themselves. Hire a professional help you understand your dog and resolve problems before they are uncontrollable.  I do not believe there is such thing as a "true" aggressive dog. Aggression happens for a reason. You must learn the reason to stop the behavior. Many house-training problems aren't actually a potty problem but emotional problem especially with puppies over 6 months of age. Don't understand all the books you read? Call for help! 

I am here for my clients and will assist them with questions between training sessions or after training if they have a questions or a problem. 

"A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog!"  I look forward to meeting you and working with your amazing dog! 

Cathy Lee-Stephens, ABCDT 

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