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PUPPY HEAD START KINDERGARTEN  (Intended to help you before public basic class)

It is not recommended that puppies under age 16 weeks socialize around other puppies for public classes (be sure and check with your vet) since they have not had all of their vaccinations. What is a new puppy parent to do?  So  many questions! You want to be the perfect pet parent but are clueless about housetraining, nipping and other items? Sign up for our Puppy Kindergarten Brand New in 2014!  Trainer will go to your home from the time you get your puppy up to 15 weeks of age to guide you on housetraining, nipping, leash control, teach your puppy it's name, come command and yes even to sit at such a young age and much more! LEARN ABOUT PUPPY FEAR IMPRINT!!!! 6-12 WEEKS IS THE MOST CRUCIAL TIME IN A PUPPY'S DEVELOPMENT! Get a solid head start on training your puppy!  Canine Etiquette wants you to enjoy your puppy and early training is the way to go! Stop bad behaviors (yes even jumping!) before they start! Your puppy will even get a graduation certificate for puppy kindergarten! See price page for details to register.   ($120 for 2 in home classes or $80 for one in home class prior to basic obedience classes)


Basic Obedience class is for puppies 16 weeks of age and dogs up to 99 years. We mix all ages together while all learn basic obedience which includes come, stay, sit, down and much more including leadership for the owners. No worries your puppy is safe in class with older dogs. All are vaccinated and healthy. Please see success story page for many successes told from the heart by our clients.  All puppies are automatically enrolled in the AKC Star Puppy program to receive a medal from AKC at graduation and a Star Puppy certificate from AKC. 


Advanced class is ONLY for Basic Obedience graduates of Canine Etiquette.  If you completed a basic class elsewhere you will need to take Canine Etiquette Basic Obedience Class before being allowed in Advanced Class. You must have a solid bond with your dog (learned in Basic class) before moving to Advanced Class. In Advanced class we go to the next step with your puppy/dog. They are introduced to agility, all take the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test at graduation, we learn impulse control, focused heel, longer recall, solid stay command and much more.  We take bonding to the next level in Advanced Class!  Address any behavior problems since finishing basic class and much more!  

Basic Obedience and Advanced Class are both for the life of your dog. Pay one price and you can return to as many classes as you desire as long as you own your dog. 

PRIVATE TRAINING IN YOUR HOME:  7 week course in your home is a combination of Puppy Kindergarten above and Basic Obedience Class all in one for one cost all in your home.  You may also attend any public basic class for no additional cost. May also go to your home for one or two sessions without the full package. These are good for certain issues such as jumping or other items.  

COMING SOON:  Trick course and Nosework Course! Stay tuned for details!