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"A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog!"

Raising a puppy can be a difficult venture. You want to do the right thing and are so confused by the various books, internet articles and videos not to mention the "dog trainer people" who want to tell you what to do and how to do it when they don't even own a dog. It was such an honor to receive the call from this remarkable Mom who was seeking help for her son in raising their puppy.  Having a busy life was no excuse. They made a commitment to raise this puppy the right way and wasn't afraid to ask for help! Please see their remarkable story on video and enjoy the photos.  Can't wait to see them excel in advance classes.  I have no doubt Kenzie will be a fabulous hunter for her owner. Their bond has been made only death can part. Begin the right way with your puppy! You owe it to all of you!