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"A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog!"

Puppy Kindergarten was designed to help those dedicated caring puppy parents that want the best for their puppy but have no clue what to do or where to turn. Are all the books you are reading confusing? Your friends giving you a ton of mixed advice? You can't wait until puppy is 16 weeks to attend public class and you need help NOW? Then puppy kindergarten is for you!  Learn what to do with your puppy, understand your puppy's temperament and get all of your questions answered. NO HARSH TREATMENT FOR YOUR PUPPY is in Canine Etiquette's puppy kindergarten. No spraying with water bottles, no hitting with newspapers, no yelling, fussing or frustration. Guidance is provided with love, caring, patience and most of all FUN!  See how much fun you can have with your puppy by starting training and bonding early! By enrolling in puppy kindergarten with Canine Etiquette you are GUARANTEED a place in the next public class when your puppy is old enough to attend with a discount of $25 on the full public class! Email me at [email protected] to sign up for puppy kindergarten!